Motor Types

Single Use Motor

A single use motor is designed to be used once and the case disposed of. These motors usually use a wound paper or plastic case in the lower impulse classes such as the Estes motor shown below. With the higher impulse classes the motors cases are made of plastic or phenolic tube, see the picture of the Areotech motor.




Estes Single use motor

Aerotech Single use motor

Reloadable Motor

A reloadable motor consists of an aluminium case with for and aft closures to hold the nozzle on one end and to seal the other end. These closures can be held in place by circlips or alternatively they can be screwed into the motor case, See picture of Dr rockets motor case below. The motor is designed to be used over and over many times, you just purchase a reload kit for the type of case you have, because generally reload kits are not interchangeable between manufacturers. 



Cesaroni Pro38 Motor case

Rouse Tech RMS cases

Hybrid Rocket Motors

Over the las few years the use of hybrid motors has grew in popularity in the UK currently there are several manufacturers of hybrid motor systems, which combines the use of inert materials while separate, but capable of controlled combustion when introduced to each other under the right circumstances. While they all rely on nitrous oxide as an oxidizer, you will se a variety of fuels, including plastic, ammonium perchlorate, and paper.




Skyripper Hybrid

HyperTEC hybrid motor