Hybrid Rocket Motors!

A hybrid rocket motor uses a Solid Fuel and a Gas/Liquid Oxidizer.

Hybrid motors use a variety of materials as fuel. They can be made from cellulose (paper!), formed plastic grain, polypropylene or PVC.

The commercially available hybrid motors use nitrous oxide (N20) as the oxidizer. Nitrous oxide has the advantage of not being classified as flammable and is treated as a compressed gas, so it can be safely transported and stored in common pressure cylinders. N2O is widely used in high performance cars and is available from some performance automotive shops.

One of the big attraction of flying hybrids, is the fact that none of the propellants are classed as explosives, and therefore do not require an explosives license or RCA documentation for storage, use or transport.

As part of the Safety Code of the United Kingdom Rocketry Association, you must pass a written exam before flying a hybrid motor, after passing the exam you can use a hybrid to attempt your Level 1 certification.

Hybrid types.
In the UK there are two basic types of hybrids available.