HyperTEK Hybrids

HyperTEK® Hybrid motors consist of three major parts:

The fuel grain, The injector bell, The oxidizer tank,

The fuel grain is molded from thermoplastic and has an insert-molded silica/phenolic nozzle.

This monolithic grain functions as both the fuel grain and the combustion chamber. the advantage of this arraignment is there are no complicated assembly of a re loadable system as the fuel, nozzle and motor case are combined into one injection molded component.

The fuel grain simply screws onto the injector bell prior to flight and the spent fuel grain is unscrewed and disposed of after each flight.

The injector bell has five interchangeable injector orifices which you can change to vary the thrust level, and tailor your motor to the needs of your rocket or launch field.

The oxidizer tank are available in varying sizes, and as there name suggests they hold the oxidizer for the motor,