Lets do Level 2

So you think it's time for your Level 2 certification.

First the easy bit, congratulations on getting your Level 1 certificate, well done!

Next you will need to chose what rocket & motor combination you want to us, has I said in my level 1 guide have a talk to some of the other level 2 club members, ask them about what rocket & motor combinations they used again there insight and advice will be invaluable in helping you achieve your Level 2.

once you have chosen and constructed your rocket, decided on the motor you want to use for the flight then you need to do the following

OK Level 2 the Basics.

First you will have to sit and pass a written exam.

Next you have to prep your rocket and assemble your motor in the presence of a Level 2 RSO.

lastly you have to fly your rocket and have the recovery system deploy and retrieve you rocket with none or minimal damage to it. any damage will be down to the flight RSO to say weather you pass or fail your level 2 flight.

My biggest word of advice is KISS, (Keep It Simple Stupid.)

For Level 1 it's not necessary to build a highly complex rocket. Build a simple rocket and fly the complicated one when your Level 1 certified.

When I certified Level 1 I brought a 3” BSD Sprint kit. Which was fitted with a 38mm motor mount, it only went about 1,500 feet on a PRO38 H143SS and came back to earth on a single parachute.

So now you need to decide on which Rocket you want and what motor you want to fly on.

The Cost of Level 1

What rocket for Level 1

What Motors to use

Certification Day