Scratch Building a Rocket

So you have built a few rocket kits and are looking for a challenge, then why not have a go a designing and building you own rocket.

Hear you will find some information on scratch building rockets.

before you start you should write down what it is you want to achieve and more importantly answer a few basic questions about your rocket.

1. Is the rocket going to use single or duel deployment 

2. What diameter is the rocket going to be.

3. how long is the rocket going to be.

4. how many fins with the rocket have and what shape.

5. What size motor mount are you going to use

6. how are you going to attach your recovery system

7. what size parachute are you going to use

8. what are you going to use for motor retention.

Ok so you now know what you want to achieve and you have the basic dimensions and what size motors and parachutes you want to use, so what's next.

Use a program such as Rocksim or Spacecad to build a model of your rocket, these programs will also predict your designs performance on any particular motor and also if the design will be stable.

I have created a design for a 40" long, 3" dia, 3 fin rocket with a 29mm motor mount which you can download.