I have put this website together to act as a record of my trials and tribulations as I progress and learn in my hobby, and will update this site with the information i think will be usful to others who embark upon the same path.

As with many websites, you can navigate the site by clicking on the topics on your left; if you get stuck you can click the home link to return to this page. any updates to this site will be added to the news section below.

Hope you find the contents useful

Wishing you Clear Sky’s




23/06/2009 Added information on skyripper hybrids (Click Here)

10/06/2009 fixed broken links, and made changes to improve site.

19/01/2009 Added pages with information on doing your level 1 certification (Click Here)

24/08/2008 Flew my Hyperloc835 at IRW Largs, Scotland.

20/05/2008 Did my Level 2 at BigEARS 2-3 May 2008. for more information (Click Here)

23/02/2008 Added information on Perfectflite Altimiters (Click Here)

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