Level 1 Rocket

I am not going to recommend any one rocket manufacturer they all produce rockets suitable for level one, they range from 29mm motor mount 2" diameter, up to 38mm motor mount 4" diameter rockets, and if you asked ten people at your local club to recommend a rocket then you would probable get ten different answers.

I will just give a couple of pointers that may help you in your choice.

If I was to recommend a rocket to use for level one, I would say choose a 4” diameter rocket, the reason for this is, I had extreme difficulty in putting my hand inside my BSD Sprint to undo the link that attached the shock cord to the centering ring eyebolt. So buying a 4” rocket would have solved this problem.

Motor mount  
I would say opt for a 38mm, this will give you the most flexibility over motor choice for your level one, and as such a higher level of availability from the rocketry vendors.

A lot of kits are supplied with an elastic shock cord as their recovery harness. These can burn through when your motor fires it’s ejection charge. The last thing you want is to see your rocket reach apogee and blow off its nosecone and fall to earth and core sample. That I am afraid would be a level one failure. So I recommend you replace your shock cord with a tubular nylon or Kevlar one, and also fit a nomex shock cord protector and firewall.